Vessel steel renewal and repair is an important task that takes place throughout every ship’s operational life. Prior knowledge of the steel renewal process helps both the shipyard and the shipowner to define the right plan for scheduling this specialized work and committing to a budget.

Shipowners reduce a vessel’s downtime when they know the location of a shipyard with reliable steel renewal services, as it allows them to prepare in advance for planning the required logistics. By cutting down on immobilization time, clearly this saves money and in turn boosts revenue.

The cost of ship steel renewals & repairs can be quite substantial. Shipowners should take into consideration other factors, in addition to the price of ship steel as raw material. Depending on the application method, ship steel used in shipbuilding and ship repair needs to be Class approved and of a certain grade. The welding consumables, the welders and the welding procedure shall be also Class approved. Various factors, such as raw materials, labor, engineering, infrastructure availability, resources-overhead and profit, all affect the cost of steel repairs.

At KYNOSOURA DOCKYARD, steel renewal and repair service processes involve:


We conduct a thorough steel survey to evaluate the state of the vessel’s steel structures and determine the extent of repairs and replacements needed.


To ascertain the state of the vessel’s coating, we conduct coating inspections as needed. The evaluation is based on visual examination and the anticipated reduction of areas where the coating is damaged. The inspection report, which also includes a photo report, is sufficient to describe the coating’s state and the steps that must be taken to extend its life.


Following the standard steel survey, a special survey on steel renewal plans, as per the owner’s interest, can also be created, showing the areas and extent of required repairs. This will include weight calculations and specifications.


Once the need for steel replacement has been determined and the vessel is moved to a dry dock for works, our skilled inspectors oversee the repair procedure. This includes identifying repair areas, ensuring quality control and reporting on the repair process. Steel works are undertaken by our certified welders. Steel plates are accompanied with all the necessary certificates and upon their installation, all the necessary Quality Tests are carried out in order to satisfy the Customer (X-Ray/Vacuum tests/UT measurements).

At Kynosoura Dockyard, the entire range of steel works can be performed, including but not limited to renewals of Mooring outfitting, Plate renewals and Piping works of all types (Hydraulic & SW Piping). All piping works are performed by certified welders & fitters, along with all necessary pressure tests that are carried out for quality verification of the piping retrofitting & renewals. KDC, with extensive expertise in this area, is your partner of choice for the pre-docking inspection, coating inspection, steel renewal calculations and repair supervision in order to complete this process as quickly as possible.

Maintaining a vessels’ safety and profitability is our commitment to shipowners & operators. Knowing very well that inspecting the condition and determining the necessary repairs for any vessel out of service is an expensive proposition, we contribute to your success by ensuring timely repairs.

At Kynosoura Dockyard, we provide ship repair and construction services in Salamis, Greece for over 50 years. Our shipyard and large pool of experienced labor strategically located in the heart of the Mediterranean, aim to provide you with high quality and safety standards, which are developed to meet the demands of the shipping industry on the most cost-effective basis.