Vessels are continually exposed to electrical or mechanical issues, scheduled or unscheduled and extraordinary repairs, wear & tear restitution works, hull cleaning and hull and tank coating etc., all of which demand professional & immediate attention. Choosing a shipyard is probably one of the most critical decisions a shipowner can make, as it can impact operational costs along with long-term vessel quality over the course of a ship’s lifecycle. As a result, when selecting a shipyard for any type of ship repair, one must be cautious and take a measured approach.

For the record, there are more than over 200 shipyards worldwide accommodating ships of most common sizes so, choosing the right shipyard will make all the difference. To help you decide on the best shipyard, there are essential factors to consider.

The most critical and decisive factor in choosing a shipyard is the location of the shipyard in relation to the position of the vessel needing repairs at the relevant time.


Situated on the eastern side of Salamis island just 3 miles off the port of Piraeus, Kynosoura Dockyard is strategically located in one of the busiest ship repair zones of the Mediterranean. Furthermore, Kynosoura Dockyard is conveniently situated in close proximity to a vast list of suppliers, experienced specialists, classification societies, flag authorities, surveyors etc. A powerful shipping cluster right out of our shipyard’s door. All the above, together with the familiarity of the local authorities to the operation of custom-free repair zones in the area, make Kynosoura Dockyard an easily accessible and comfortable spot for ship repair.


A shipyard’s trustmark provides a better understanding of the quality and capabilities of the shipyard you are looking to repair your ship.

For instance, Kynosoura dockyard has a wide experience in ship repairing and is developing into a high-quality ship repair center focusing on repairing ships and utilizing its unique existing facilities for ship construction and recycling, in the Eastern Mediterranean. We’ve been delivering on-site and on-time reliable solutions for over 50 years with our experienced labor and specialized subcontractors. We, therefore, feel very confident with regard to the yard’s trustmark and look forward to supporting you with your ship repair requirements.


Define a shipyard’s reputation by the number of referrals. Start by asking others who have already had successful major repair works done for them so that they can recommend a shipyard. Such a recommendation list instills confidence regarding information accuracy on shipyards.


Another aspect you may want to consider is the type and quality of available facilities. Ideally, visit the shipyard beforehand, to reaffirm capabilities for the project you look to start with.

We look forward to welcoming you to Kynosoura Dockyard and guide you around the shipyard facilities.


Deemed a non-negotiable factor, it is imperative you take a good look at past work portfolios to learn about projects completed and to determine level of proficiency. It relates directly to the reputation and stature of the shipyard. Proceed by looking at what type of services you seek. For example, at Kynosoura Dockyard we deal with:

  • Coating of Holds and Tanks/ Hatch Repairs
  • Propeller Repairs
  • Machinery Repairs
  • Steel Renewal
  • Ballast Water Treatment System Installation

Kynosoura Dockyard offers total ship services for all types up to Panamax size vessels. Our shipyard is in demand year-round with ship repair requirements thus we deliver quicker ship repair and construction-related services in Greece.


Checking the shipyard’s financial report is one of the most crucial factors. Your shipyard’s financial stability can be a sign of its capacity to deliver work on time and its success rate.

Kynosoura Dockyard is in business since the late ‘60s and is therefore a well-tested business and commercial partner.


Whatever the size of your vessel, our specialists have the right skills and facilities to conduct structural repairs or replace equipment on board for any class of vessel be it cargo, inshore, support, naval, offshore, workboats, tankers or yachts. Whether your ship requires a scheduled survey and repair according to Class requirements or has suffered an equipment failure or something more serious like a collision, our shipyard can handle everything from basic steelwork and piping to more intensive electrical / mechanical systems and repairs, following precise & certified measurement guidelines.

At Kynosoura Dockyard, we have easy access to a large pool of experienced labor & specialists, offering integrated solutions tailored to your needs while at the same time providing you a complete package of ship repair/construction-related services in the heart of the Mediterranean.