The cleanup action at the beach of the Tomb of the Salamina Fighters was successfully completed.
With the goal of creating a sustainable and accessible environment for all, the Kynosoura Shipyards organized a beach cleanup action at the Tomb of the Salamina Fighters on Sunday, March 3, 2024.

The action was successfully carried out thanks to the great participation of volunteers of all ages.
More specifically, the success of the action was contributed by, among others, teachers, students, and members of Parents & Guardians Associations of schools in the Ampelakia area – especially the Ampelakia Gymnasium – as well as parishioners of the Church of St. Andrew in Salamina, members of the Association of Professional Fishermen of Salamina “St. Andrew,” and, of course, employees of the Kynosoura Shipyards as well as the Bekri Shipyards.

During the cleanup, a large volume of waste was collected, most of which consisted of bottles, bags, plastic packaging, ropes, etc. Subsequently, the Environmental, Greenery & Cleanliness Service of the Municipality of Salamis was informed, which undertook their removal from the site.

The results filled the participants with joy and satisfaction, and together we committed to continue the effort for a cleaner environment in the place where we live and work. The Management and employees of the Kynosoura Shipyards warmly thank all the volunteers who participated and substantially contributed to the success of the action.