Main Engine and Auxiliary Engine overhauling
Kynosoura Dockyard can perform overhauling of all types/makers of engines, providing to vessel Owners/Managers all the necessary measurements/reports. The inspection of bearings, overhauling of cylinder heads and exhaust valves and the withdrawal of pistons are included in the scope of works performed.
Kynosoura Dockyard has proven capabilities on the precise job of crankshaft renewals for various types of engines (Daihatsu, Man B&W, Yanmar among others).

Overhauling of all types of pumps (Centrifugal/Piston/Gear) serving several purposes on board vessels. (Water Pumps/Cargo Pumps etc.) can be performed at the Yard.

Heat Exchangers
Kynosoura Dockyard can perform overhauling/cleaning for all types of heat exchangers (Tubular/Plate) as well as repairs on tubular coolers as required, including re – tubbing.

Air Compressors
Overhauling/repairs to all types & brands of main and auxiliary Air Compressors.

Electrical Works
Maintenance to all types and sizes of Electrical Motors can be performed. Also, all repairs requested by Customer on Electrical Motors, such as rewinding and re – conditioning of bearing housings, are undertaken by Kynosoura Dockyard’s experienced personnel.