For over six decades, Kynosoura Dockyard has upheld Salamina’s rich shipbuilding heritage, seamlessly blending it with the island’s historical essence. Our vision is twofold: to boost the economy and to be a pillar of support for our local community. Corporate Social Responsibility isn’t just a phrase for us; it’s deeply woven into our business strategy, driving initiatives that champion progress and societal well-being.

Our Initiatives

  1. Strengthening Education

We actively liaise with local school administrators and educators, aiming to enhance local educational facilities. Our contributions include:
Installing an iron gate for a school.
Modernizing a school elevator to ensure accessibility for all.
Inviting schools to visit our facilities, allowing students a hands-on experience of modern shipbuilding techniques. Recently, 49 first-grade students from Abelakia High School had an insightful tour of our operations.

  1. Backing Social and Local Bodies

We’re steadfast in our support for local community initiatives:
Offering food contributions to the Social Grocery, serving qualifying families.
Donating food and a freezer to a local church’s daily soup kitchen initiative that feeds over 300 individuals.
Providing financial assistance to the Salamina Association for People with Disabilities.
Crafting an iron ramp to assist the local amateur fishing community.

  1. Advocating for Volunteerism and Community Outreach

Our commitment to community upliftment is evident through:
Beach cleanup drives involving dockyard employees, eco-conscious groups, students, and local inhabitants.
Essential goods collection drives in partnership with social welfare organizations.
Kynosoura’s actions as described above are just a glimpse of our community engagement. The surge in commercial activity at the Port of Piraeus has invigorated the region’s ship repair and shipbuilding industry. This positive shift empowers us to further intensify and broaden our initiatives for the greater good of our community.