Adjacent to the Eastern Wharf the Machine Shop covers an area of about 1450m2.

It is equipped with four gantry cranes (ranging from 5 to 20 tons) and various tools. It is accessible by road and has entrances on three sides.

Machinery Workshop Layout

Two plate shops (520 m2 and 1380 m2) situated on the western side of the Yard. These contain rolling/bending machines, press and shear and are equipped with gantry cranes.

The larger plate shop is open on its north side, allowing fabricated items to be moved out above the road surface or lifted by the crane on the Main Pier. The Large Plate Shop is suitable for prefabrication of hull structures.

Plate Workshop Layout

Housed in the main building on the southern side of the Yard. The Pipe Shop is equipped with a gantry crane and contains a press, welding equipment, grinding and bending machine.

The Carpentry Shop is equipped with a gantry crane and contains a small press and other tools.

Pipe & Carpentry Layout

Situated on the western side of the Yard, it contains an automated grit and painting facility designed for painting and blasting steel plates and sections in a production line method.

It is equipped with two gantry cranes situated externally of the Shop for handling the material.

Blasting & Painting Layout

Ample office space, mould loft, dining room and wash room.

Office & Service Layout

Two main store rooms of about 800m2 each which form the base of two slipway cranes (Cranes D and E).

Store Rooms Layout

A dedicated Ship Recycling Facility comprising a large scrap shear 1200 tons and 1000 tons (Becker) with conveyor.

It is equipped with a dedicated 16-ton gantry crane servicing the scrap facility. Suitable for partial recycling (steel cutting) of vessels.

Ship & Recycling Layout